Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{April 1, 2012}   MAGDA DAY ONE of the new 30 day challenge

Well here it is.. I’m posting this late because I don’t even have ghetto internet but I’ll be writing it all down somewhere and posting it as soon as I get access!

So here is the challenge in case anyone forgot, a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio activity everyday, no matter what, no excuses.  Sick, injured, lazy.. I don’t care.. you can find something to do.  Yoga, walking, running, biking, swimming dancing.. whatever.. just make the habit of getting your ass out to do something.

For my day one was a fricken bitch… no food until 3pm… after being out drinking most of the night… Didn’t get home till 5pm… talk about a demotivator, hung over and grouchy as fuck.

But I went for a walk, 20-30 mins.. not sure exactly, I have the data at home and like I said I’ll post it asap… But I did it!! (And so did everyone… Ray went hiking for 3 hours, bex walked home from work 30 mins, and dee danced her ass off) YAY great start … Let’s keep it up.. and also girl, I really wanna thank you for joining me in the challenge, because without you I would have fallen off the map already.  I need motivation, and this is totally doing it! you guys rock!!   I hope everyone can post here too, even just a weekly summary) but I understand if you hateses it.  For me the posting is part of the process.. bc I can look back and see when I’ve been awesome and when I’ve been lame 😀

Only 29days left… rock on!

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