Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{April 10, 2012}   Bex Days 1-9 :)

OKAY so this time the post MUST WORK,, I have seriously posted like 5 times!!! Lets do the super fast re-cap cause YEAH Im in and Im working out,,, just the posting bit isn’t going my way.. (see stomping feet and pouting)

Day 1

walk home from work on bridge 3.3 KM

day 2

long walk home up hill from skytrain _ 15min and took stairs instead

day 3 Tues – had very important work interview this day, picked up the pace at work – lots of working and lots of stairs to do many times a day.

day 4 wed. day off walked in stanley park and around for about 1.5 hours with phil

day 5 thurs again took stairs from skytrain ( some may think this doesn’t count but there are 3 LONG sets and I run them all)

day 6 shopping for 3 hours around Vancouver then came home and went for a 20 min run on the seawall (first this season) and walked home after, my knees gave out.

day 7 4.5 hours seawall and Vancouver walking with Phil feet hurt so bad by the time I got home.

day 8 out in White rock for the day but walked from each location – ran for the bus once. (lame day I know)

day 9 today… mmm really not much need to amp it up a bit – did walk home from work not long way but pretty good lil walk.

day 10 – will definitly do more 🙂

I can hardly criticize not posting properly like as I have funky internet.. I haven’t missed anything.. going well. I just haven’t been able to post.. 🙂

razzray says:

Yay! Good on you!

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