Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{April 11, 2012}   Day 6 & 7 – Raygan

Day 5 recap  – I ran 5km.  I felt awesome, and was literally bouncing off the walls while running. Like practically skipping. I ran a 6:45 pace, which is way faster than usual.

Day 6 – my hips hurt. A lot. So, I only managed a slow 3.2 km.

Day 7 – today, my activity was play time with small people.  A lot of playing with little people. Probably about an hour? I ran, I jumped, I tickled. Yes, this is not normal activity, but my hips hurt, it is raining, and I have my period for the first time in 2 years. So, i deserve a quiet day 🙂


2 years?

razzray says:

Got my IUD out.

oh how come I thought you loved it?

razzray says:

Mood swings and horrid pimples that scarred.

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