Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{April 29, 2012}   Well I fucked up Day 12 – 26

Sigh… best intentions, I actually only missed a day.. but I haven’t been posting or recording anywhere… which is a part of my process and now I can’t really remember but I’ll try to go through it… plus I have so not been giving it my A effort, yes something is better than nothing., but I’ve been toeing the line.  Lame.

April 15th Day 12  –   walked 35 minutes 3.61 kms  284 cals

April 16th Day 13 –  walked  58 mins   563 kms  422 cals

April 17th Day 14 – cue fail… Grand intentions.. went to games.. plum forgot

April 18th Day 15 – walked (jogged a little.. I think it started raining) 34 mins   3.26 kms  256 cals

April 19th Day 16 – Shit… I don’t remember.. but I did something? Yoga maybe? Wait yes.. bc I did yoga two days in a row.. and then left the mat out for a week driving Regis batty

April 20th Day 17 – Did 30 minutes of yoga

April 21st Day 18 –  walked 39 mins 4.02 kms   314 cals

April 22nd Day 19 –  walked 40 mins    4.23 kms   332 cals

April 23rd Day 20 –  I have no idea…  so probably nothing.. sigh

April 24th Day 21 – Walked  40 mins  4.28 kms  336 cals

April 25th Day 22 –  Spent about 30-40 minutes hoofing it all over the ship on the way to Portsmouth, in order to exercise but also just for the fun of exploring the ship (well the first circuit was exploring later was exercise.

April 26th Day 23 –   fuck fuck fuck.. my ipod deleted the last two entries without uploading them .. crap.  Well that’s super frustrating but nothing to to be done for it.  I walked all over hells half acre in Portsmouth I think it was 4 hours and 15 kms.

April 27th Day 24 – A  25 min walk in the woods where we’re going to be playing paintball… and the forest bit me… I wonder when I became such a city slicker?

April 28th Day 25 –  Went for a walk probably about 30 mins

April 29th Day 26 – Went for a walk 35 mins (stupid ipod)

There … all caught up, I’m trying this dukan diet thing my friend told me about just bc why the heck not… and I miss vegetables.. I need to kick this whole working out thing up a notch or ten.. funny that when I have all the time in the world I have a hard time getting out there.. but when I am a little busy it’s so much easier to schedule a workout. Strange.  Keep up the good work guys!

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