Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{May 7, 2012}   Days 28 – 30(31… 32…) Raygan

Day 28 –  35 minute bootcamp, 255 cals burned

Day 29 –  We spent the day in the car and then at a games convention. YES, nerds. So, this day got skipped. Day 2/30 skipped.

Day 30 – I got up before games (which were at 930), and went for a 20 minute run in Osaka. I saw WAY too many old men peeing. Running in a city SUCKS.  However, perhaps because of the smells and annoyances, I actually ran a personal best, and completed 3.35km in 20 mins, at a pace of 5:59 per km. 220cals burned – and my fastest recorded mile. Pretty proud of that 🙂

That night, we walked home from downtown, 30 minutes, 2.7km. So, does that make up for day 29? No?

Day 31: 1.5 hour walk through one of the most famous, oldest cemetaries in Japan

Day 32: 3 hour, 7km hike at Koya-san.

I feel like I could have done better. I really do, but 30 days of activity out of 32 is pretty good. Starting today, I am beginning another 30 day challenge.

The idea is 30 days of ACTUAL scheduled activity. 20 minute minimum. Must be something that is more than just “playing with students” or something I was already doing. My bootcamp app, a run, a walk that is recorded (distance, time) etc is fine, but I have to pick it up this month.

John and I are also challenging ourselves to eat fully vegan for 30 days. AND NO JUNK FOOD. This is the biggest. We are going to stay away from the convenience stores (a difficult thing in Japan!) for the next 30 days.

So, in point form… my next 30 day challenge (May 7th – June 5th) 

EDIT: May 10th – June 8th

– 20 minutes minimum of recorded exercise

– no animal products

– no convenience store visits/junk

On a positive note, I have lost 3kilos! Woot! Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

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