Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{May 16, 2012}   Challenge 2 – the first week (Raygan)

Things aren’t going as smoothly as last time.

The vegan part has been a success. No junk food as well. The exercise, is not.

Thursday, May 10th – Day 1: Bootcamp for 21 minutes, 220 cals burned

Friday, May 11th – Day 2: Bootcamp for 22 minutes, 200 cals burned

Saturday, May 12th – Day 3: Walk for 3.45 km (35minutes)

Sunday, May 13th –  Day 4: Walk for 20 minutes. Distance not recorded.

Monday, May 14th – Day 5: Migraine. Sent home from work. Lay in bed all day. No exercise was done. Tried to skip rope. Lasted 3 minutes.

Tuesday, May 15th – Day 6: 20 minutes of walking to the train, then school, then train. Yes, not recorded and therefore technically not a part of my promise to myself.

Wednesday, May 16th – Day 7: Bike for 18mins (4.84km) in the morning, then to work (another km). Will be biking into town and back, then to the station later – so I am guessing a total of 7km. Getting back on track!

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