Boot Camp B (buddies, bitches, babes whatever ;) )

{May 20, 2011}   Friday – Jessica

Week total: 3 hrs (well it will be, by the end of the day)

Half of P90x day 3 shoulders and arms, half of ab ripper. I can see it’s going to be really hard to find time to fit in these workouts.

And I’m riding my bike to the new office now, 6 km.

{May 20, 2011}   Thursday – Jessica

Week total: 2 hrs. (about)

P90x day 1: chest and back.

I did not have time to do the ab ripper, which was well enough considering I puked up my whole breakfast after this workout.

Anyway! P90x day 2: plyo

Owww owww owww that was hard.

{August 26, 2010}   Wednesday: Jess

Week total: 4 hrs 45 minutes

So, 3 hrs and 43 minutes of that total all came on Sunday, when I did a triathlon. How many calories does THAT burn?

Swim: 1500m Effort: Hard (lots of wind, choppy waves)

Bike: 40 km Effort: Hard (see: wind)

Run: 10 km Effort: Very Hard (body soooo tired)

I’m going to have to do some math and add this up later. I actually /look/ thinner in the mirror so I think the burn was sort of intense?

{July 16, 2010}   Unemployment week 2 – Jess

Week total: 5 hrs 20 min

And still Friday and Saturday to go….


Swim: 45 min Distance: 1400 m

Spin class: 60 min

Calories…who knows. I have too many workouts missing on this blog, and my HRM ran out of batteries. Hmph.

In the HELL YES department, I lost 1/2 inch off bust and 2 inches off waist! New hourglass: 36-31-37 1/2.

{June 26, 2010}   Measurements: Jess

OK, I’m back on this, now that I am unemployed I can never say I had no time…

Bust: 36 1/2

Waist: 33

Hips: 37 1/2 (I’ve been over 40 before, so this is okay)

Thigh: 22 1/4

Bicep: 10

Weight???? Been between 132 and 135 lately. Not sure what it is this week.

{June 25, 2010}   Been a long while…

Week total (so far):3 hrs 5 min

Monday: Swim 45 minutes (1600 m)

Tuesday: Run 20 minutes (3 km) and Bike to work and back (439 cals)

Wednesday: Weights 20 minutes and Bike to work and back (439 cals)

And it’s only Thursday! Am getting back on track, a month post-triathlon. Sigh.

{November 25, 2009}   Ow ow ow – Jessica

Week total: 1:10, so far

26 min jogging, 19 min walking

26 min swimming

Sunday was supposed to be 40 min running, but my trainer worked me out so hard on Saturday that I could barely get up off the couch. I forced myself to go for a very stiff-legged walk and managed to warm up my muscles enough that I could jog a bit, but mostly it was just too painful. In the pool I used a leg floaty and worked on arms and breathing, better than nothing I guess.

{November 21, 2009}   Week 1 complete, Jessica

Week total: 3:16

The first week of my triathlon plan is done! But my week’s not over, I see my trainer tomorrow. Ow.

Today, bike, 80 min. Calories burned: 831! Whew. I’m having a beer.

{November 20, 2009}   Thursday Jessica

Week total (so far!): 1:56

This morning I swam 40 min. Calories burned: 248 plus whatever I burned doing 100 crunches after

According to my program, tomorrow involves an 80 minute bike ride. Whew!

Hey, everyone.

So my personal trainer took all my measurements back in September and I don’t recall what they were but I do remember my hip measurement being less than 40 and my weight being 135.5. I’m going for 10 lbs weight loss and well, whatever other good things come with that 😉

I have been working with the trainer for 2 months now and only lost one pound, but can see a big difference in how I look! I started a triathlon training plan this week. So. I’ll combine Monday’s exercise with today’s (Tuesday was an ‘off’ day):

Monday, Swim 24 min, bike 48 min. Calories burned: 667 (from

Run 28 min. Calories burned: 264

Tonight I plan to do some pushups and ab work, since I haven’t been doing much strength training lately.

My training plan has horrible things in it like 2.5 hr bike rides. Although considering I recently biked 14 hours over 2 days I don’t know why I find that so daunting.

{October 22, 2009}   Attempt #2

Hey all, here’s my second try at posting on this blog. Thanks again for the invite!

I’ve seen the personal trainer 5 times now, and it’s already making a difference. Haven’t really lost any weight but my whole body is changing from this floppy soft thing to this sort of hot-looking strong thing. It’s quite refreshing.

Joining the Y has made a big difference too, as it’s a great facility and just four blocks from home!

I haven’t had time to exercise since Monday, but tonight I’ll go to a total body conditioning class. It sounds hard. 🙂


Sorry Jess that was my fault, I had you as a contributor which means you can write but not post.  Unintentional 🙂  it’s fixed now, for now you’re an author which means you can write and edit your own posts .. let me know if you have any other problems on here or by email magdalicious00 at Gmail(dot)com

{October 20, 2009}   Thanks for the invite

Hi, thanks to Ray for inviting me to join this blog.

I’ve hired a personal trainer, which although painful, is already beginning to produce results. I haven’t worked out since Monday, though, so I’m still lame.

The Y near my house in Vancouver has excellent cardio classes that I’ve been going to pretty regularly. Just 14 pounds from my goal! Measurements pending.

et cetera